Grey bathroom ideas for elegancy

Furnishing an apartment in a colorful style
The unfurnished apartment we stepped on the soil of bleached oak. The inner door was white, as well as walls. The room is called after him obarvamo.Dnevno lounge was dressed in apricot tones, and refreshed with upholstered furniture color avocado. To counterbalance the furniture was designed in an elegant combination of walnut and ivory. Vinyl decoration on a white background in a related tone, such as kitchen units. Bathroom also come nice in grey. See more of grey bathroom ideas here.

Prestige and warmth of a new home.
The house was designed twenty years ago and had already designed the plumbing and electrical installations. As was the desire to stay requirements of the young generation is completely different, it was necessary to design everything from scratch. Interior fittings had partial restrictions due to the design of the house, but we did not hinder that could not catch a modern and functional concept of the internal arrangement.

Modern, elegant and friendly home.
The project for a real estate agency GRID property for residential neighborhoods chestnut FLOWERS – Dol near Ljubljana.
Already during the construction of the neighborhood planned each flat and visualize how it will look when the apartment will be furnished. So you can already prepare the installation of custom prospective user

Penthouse Apartment
Dormer apartments have their own specifics and particular challenges because each has its own characteristics attic and requirements depending on the client’s wishes. In this case we have to consider the wishes of younger couple who hangs out a lot with friends and wants raceme bright room that does not give a sense of anxiety. Therefore, it is the living room and kitchen also remove the bearing wall and supported by a steel bracket.

Interior equipment low energy houses
We have prepared a new concept of living space in a family house, which was originally designed so that it contained the classic layout storage in the kitchen. Since the storage unit in lounge act disruptive, we designed an open and transparent environment. The basic guideline were functional solutions in the organization of the interior. The kitchen set was placed on the store, which was hidden behind a sliding glass door. Kitchen, dining room and living room form a homogeneous whole. United premises together are very bright, since large windows allow plenty of natural light.

Interior fittings apartments on the sea
Depending on the wishes and financial structure of the client, we have prepared a project internal arrangement of the apartment. Client trust us completely, so that we had in the regulation of housing quite a free hand. Apartment overlooking the sea was still quite raw state, it was determined the layout. We designed the all the furniture, which was custom made by a carpenter. We selected all elements of interior design – sofa, curtains, carpets, technical subjects and even small household tools, such as dishes and linens.

Interior decoration housing
We wanted an apartment with plenty of light and no doors. Initially, the plan was for furnishing designed for three room apartment, but with the desire to “single-cell” open space received a completely different image.
Thus they were formed only two spaces, which merge into one another without a door.

Grey bathroom ideas for internal decoration

From two large attic space created a single living room. On the site of partitions is embedded tunnel fireplace connects the living room with kitchen and dining room. So you can figure stone fireplace and picture flames attracted views from all the rooms simultaneously.

Renovation of the house with the arrangements to order interior design

“Less is more” cult phrase architect Mies van der Rohe’s is a true description of the concept of living in a modern house in the middle of an urban area. Tough the large glass surface of the house passes to the interior and vice versa. Elements of interior design is not much, but selected with the greatest care that are both aesthetic and functional. Grey bathroom ideas are ideal for renovation of your house. Grey bathroom ideas are a latest hit in interior design.

Renovation of the house with the arrangements to order interior design

The project of interior space and bathrooms for the lady lover is color contrasts.
Off-white combination furniture is peppered with a hint of burgundy red color and the color of ebony. Wood flooring is rustic in appearance, consists of a large desk and a smart contrasting background white minimalist furniture.

The project of interior design for the beauty salon.
Symbiosis shades of gold, white and black conjures glamor expected by visitors to the salon for beauty treatments. The play of light and color to the room added one more.

Internal software house through a large luminous surface creates a continuous dialogue with its surroundings.
Because the space is very large, we could afford interior design elements that need a lot of space that can live in the area and can express their special design.

Renovation of the house with the arrangements to order interior design

Interior fittings houses for young family
We have created a comprehensive scheme of the house on the outskirts of the forest. Forest scenery was wonderful starting point for inspiration when choosing a color palette of the interior, which was enlivened with cheerful colors of orange and yellow tones. Plenty of space in living lounge allows that part of the dining rooms dedicated to children’s corner, so children can be very close to the mother when cooked.

Renovation of the house with the arrangements to order interior design

Interior fittings terraced houses
The initial plan was sandwiched kitchen in the corner and had very little useful space.
It turns out that the space under the stairs can take advantage of a high cupboard with oven
and microwave and a pull-out larder. This was an elegant way to increase the kitchen, and later still to fill any remaining space under the stairs, which was enlivened with decorative niches. Grey bathroom ideas are ideal for renovation of your house. Grey bathroom ideas are a latest hit in interior design.

Renovation of the house with the arrangements to order interior design

Renovation of the interior in family house
How to combine the living room and the kitchen, which is separated by a hallway with a staircase, in a single day lounge? The concept of distance is such that the dining table there is no room to spare, so we opted for a combination of chairs and modern carpeted bench. Angular seating will comfortable recliner with storage table special form of solid elm. Upholstered elements will connect the round carpet, as a counterweight to the elongated form of the box.

Renovation of the house with the arrangements to order interior design

Modern residential house
Interior equipment of the apartment houses he designed are parallel to the plan of the house. So nothing was left to chance. The functionality of the interior, we harmonize with the architecture of the exterior. All installations are exactly where they are needed, there will be excess of adaptation because everything is pre-planned and worked out. Planning light had a very important role, many light sources will be integrated and were therefore needed detailed plans and project light at the stage construction. As already stated Grey bathroom ideas are ideal for renovation of your house. Grey bathroom ideas are a latest hit in interior design.

Renovation of the house with the arrangements to order interior design
From the old house remained only a skeleton. We had an ideal starting point to the interior design
You can dictated the whole story. We have the optimum lineup interior design elements influenced the micro-location of window openings, of course, so that we can harmonize with the overall image of the exterior. We were restricted from installing electrical and plumbing installation and selection pressures. Or opening the door to the kitchen was enlarged and torn down the wall between the living room and kitchen and create a luxurious living room area with plenty of light,

The owners decided to complete the adaptation of the apartment block, built in the sixties.
They wanted you open and spacious living room area, so we decided to demolish the existing wall between the kitchen and living sobo.Povečali we are opening the door and made a free passage. The wall that separates the hallway and living room are connected by a corridor in a transparent manner with a niche in which they are decorative shelves. In the same way, with a variation on the theme niches with shelves, a balcony was converted into a winter garden, connected with dining room and living room.

Designing corporate identity Interior in the house
The external appearance of the house is modern and minimalist. Inside was the owner wanted to give him an architect for interior decoration creates a contrast outer appearance and a warm and homely atmosphere with soft tones, but with a modern touch and an emphasis on comfortable and natural materials.

Wine cellar with wine cellar tourist apartments tourist apartments

Sales of wines takes place in this modern ambience. Upon entering the central space of tasting and sales, twelve magnificent wines addresses visitor. Bottles reign in illuminated cabinets. The wall is designed such that showcases surrounding cupboard which is a space dedicated to packaging and decorative glass. Among the central area and warehouse of wines, we set up a glass wall with sliding doors so that you can see archive wines. On the first floor we arranged a restaurant, in the attic three tourist apartments.
The latest hit in interior design are Grey bathroom ideas. This are ideal for renovation of your house. Grey bathroom ideas are, without a doubt, latest hit in interior design.

Renovation of the house with the arrangements to order interior design

Old situation was quite thoroughly examined. We demolished partition wall in the hall set up partitions on the new, so that we gain space for storage, which can be accessed through a sliding door in the kitchen. We redefined the pressures and light scheme.

Studio furnishing
Currently the favorite gray architects for interior decoration, we have added a friendly green to gray elegance pleasant companion. The studio has a presentation room where presentations are made and the project is designed as a living room that visitors feel relaxed and comfortable. Projects are created on a raised podium, where the heart and soul of the studio.

Colorful and Stylish
We took into account the desire for elegant, straight, modern lines and with them create a welcoming, homely atmosphere and enriched with warm colors. The biggest challenge for us was how to minimize disruptive to install stair access to galerijo.To we managed with self-supporting metal-wooden structure, which was in line with parquet floors. The monotony of the height of the walls in the living room was interrupted by a light ring that disperses light upwards and downwards, and gives the room warmth.
Fresh summer tones
First there was the photograph and the memory of the beautiful tranquil mountain lake and wishes
download this peace in my intimate place where you are safe from the chaos outside.
Stretched out in the soft sofas over and over again can podoživljaš beauty of the landscape, which is the inspiration for a clear and creative thoughts that chase away daily routine.
The softness of forms, heat fireplace and fresh colors to create a home that is safe haven.

A place where work becomes a pleasure
We followed the requirements of the investor in the ascetic, consolidated space without
excess clutter that interferes with the effectiveness of the delu.Vodilo in the design were
Company standards, simple lines, subdued combination of colors in the area which will later be filled colorful employees and visitors.

Warm colors and modern design
The combination of sand and yellow tones with the warmth of wood blends in pleasant harmony. Minimalist design furniture complement Eamsev Lounge Chair. Motif applications on the wall in a friendly inviting seating corner. Thus created an atmosphere does not interfere with views of the hi-fi and TV components tidy for furniture door and out of reach of dust.

Light and playful home
Classically designed apartment was revived with bright and vibrant colors.
The walls in the living lounge are painted in neutral ivory shade, modern furniture is white with focus on one element in yellow color which is the color balance with a dining chair. Consistency decorative wall luminaires and lamps above the dining table is rounded into a whole. In the long wall of the playful color paintings complemented by jedilniško cabinet, which brings in a narrow elongated space a pleasant pace.


Identity, Contact, Creation: the Process of the Cognitive Web

Millions of men have lived to fight, build palaces and boundaries, shape destinies and societies; but the compelling force of all times has been the force of originality and creation, profoundly affecting the roots of human spirit.
-Ansel Adams

On the Creative Process

The creative process is a loop. It all starts with individuals. It all starts with your own Identity.

Your identity is both your framework for understanding the world and your guideline for action —that is the core thesis of the Identity Reinforcement Theory. Identity can be defined through many ways, and our conception of identity has known dramatic changes in the past. In a world based on industrial consumption and production, a large chunk of your identity is delineated by what you own.

In a world that would give a huge importance to politics, and where you would have freedom of expression, your political opinion would be a big part of who you are. Who you are and who you become is defined by what you and others choose to give importance to. By the rules we choose for ourselves to regulate our interactions with others and with the world.

And those rules are in turn utterly conditioned by what we can do, by our technology —that’s why everything has been changing so fast since the arrival of the Internet. Our communication technologies, if used well, have the power to dramatically change everything we thought we knew about creation, about education, about who we are —for the better. And that’s what the Cognitive Social Web is about.

Here’s how the loop of creativity goes. It’s what the Cognitive Social Web has been designed around.

1 – People’s identity and individuality is the very fuel of creation.

In a creative world, identity wouldn’t be based on the social category you belong to, or on your tastes in music and movies. Identity would be based on something actually meaningful and effective regarding creation. How about defining identity through the notion of “project”: what you have been up to so far, and what you want to achieve? Though one’s goals might have been set because of an original interest for such and such domain, ultimately it is the goals that start defining one’s fields of interest, daily activities and way of thinking.


A project can be any endeavor, individual or collective, to reach out to other identities, to make something that can be shared. Whether an inspirational real-world achievement, or a consumable content such as a an article, a book, a movie. It could be entertainment, it could be tech, it could be ideas, it could be art —it doesn’t matter.

2 – Contact between two identities, or between an identity and something foreign to its sphere, is the core mechanism through which anything creative and innovative can be born. Identity Contact occurs when an Identity attempts to interpret, in its own individual framework, information coming from “the other side”, from other identities. It will ultimately incorporate this information, thus altering itself. A internalization process. Contact is the disturbance of the balance, the incoming flow of information.

3 – Creation is when it all clicks together. It occurs when information resulting of a contact is incorporated into an identity in a constructive way. Basically, creation is the process through which an individual will understand how a given piece of information, a content, can be put to use in its own projects, whether as an inspiration or as a technical resource. Creation is the recovery of the balance —in a new state.

4 – The process is ongoing, as the outputs of the individuals’ projects are reinvested in others’ identities in an ever-productive cycle, the only limit being the communication and production infrastructure, that defines the sphere of what can be made and who it can reach to, and thus conditions people’s technical affordances and access to inspiration. Thus ultimately defining what projects will be initiated and what results they will yield –in short, defining people’s identities, which closes the loop.